Permission to come on board the “Top Notch” and experience what it’s like first hand to catch and release giant Bluefin tuna.

Top Notch tuna charters offer tuna charters out of beautiful North Lake, Prince Edward Island.

North Lake is known as the tuna capital of the world and rightly so. For the last few years we have been hand feeding Giant Bluefin tuna right off the boat!

When on board one of our tuna charters you will have the chance to literally get up close and personal with Giant Bluefin tuna, one of the true giants of big game saltwater fishing. If you are looking to knock a Bluefin tuna off of your bucket list then take a tuna charter with us, as the elusive Bluefin tuna can be found within minutes off North Lake, PEI.

Tuna fishing Nova ScotiaTuna charters here on Prince Edward Island are on a catch and release basis. We use barbless circle hooks and gear that has a minimum breaking strength of 180lbs, as per government regulations. This allows us to catch and release Giant Bluefin tuna as healthy as possible. We take pride in our catch and release format during our tuna charters on P.E.I. as we want to preserve the magnificent Giant Bluefin tuna for further generations.

When you join Captain Mark Jenkins, who has over 20 years of tuna fishing experience, and brother Cody on a tuna charter, they can either strap you into the chair, hook you up to light stand up gear, or if you’d rather, just out of the rod holder.

The waters of North Lake, Prince Edward Island, Canada offer one of us the most powerful and sought out after fish in the world today, so climb on board a Bluefin tuna charter and being your quest in creating memories that will last a lifetime.


“Buckle in and enjoy the ride!”

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